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These are the terms and conditions for Sd-Storage.webs.com


If you use any of the material on sd-storage.webs.com you must add the following links / code to copied file

If it is used on a webpage that you can add html then add the following Html code:

<a href="http://sd-storage.webs.com">The above/below info came from SD-Storage.webs.com

<br>All Rights Reserved S.D-Storage©</a>

If it is used in a document just add this:

The above/below info came from http://SD-Storage.webs.com

All Rights Reserved S.D-Storage©

2.Re-distributing Media

If you want to Re-distribute Media (eg. Pictures, Apps, Videos, Audio etc.) provided on this site please go to http://sd-storage.webs.com/social and locate the Re-Distribute Content Box and enter your details (so I can reply back), you also need to enter where your going to use it and who is going to see it. If any of the information is incorrect your device will be blocked from all domains relating to Sd-storage.webs.com

3.Anything else

If you have any more Questions just go to the social page and ask a question

All Rights Reserved S.D-Storage©